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Happy Legs

legs on a slideYesterday I had a pleasant surprise. I had entered a couple of my toycamera photographs into a local exhibition; part of the PAVE festival (Performing & Visual Arts in Emerald) on the urging of my wife to participate. Unfortunately I could only attend the (one day) exhibition later on in the day, as my shifts determined I was working on a Sunday.
When I left work after changing into less hospital-type attire and walked into the exhibition hall I was pleasantly surprised to find a first prize certificate on my photo “Legs On A Slide” for the adult photography section. Considering the wonderful photography from both adults and students at the exhibition I considered this a great honour. I also considered it a testament to the visual impact and story telling capabilities of Toy camera photography. Apparently the judge (Julie Millowick) was quite generous with her praise of the photo, but I wasn’t there to hear it (and my wife and children missed it too, but were quite excited to share in my happiness)! According to Sue, who was there, the judge “liked the story telling elements of the photo and the rich atmosphere also she felt it represented the trepidation of childhood having the courage to go down a slide and do things independently away from the family” – so there you go!
Thanks to all involved in the festival and show, but special thanks to Sue who ensured I managed to get my entry into the exhibition after a few crossed phone calls!

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