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Making A Polaroid Pinhole Camera

This little video was made with Phil in mind, as he expressed in interest in how to do this (he actually offered to bear my children for this info, but personally, however tempting, I don’t think it would work!) If anyone else can glean some useful hints from it (and can be patient enough to sit through it listening to the rather boring droning on of my voice) then I will be happy!
*Note, this tutorial was originally uploaded to the site on May the 1st 2007, and subsequently ‘lost’ in the great update to WP 2.5 disaster of last week, but with Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day coming up on the 27th of April this year, I thought I would post it as “new” in anticipation that some people who might be interested in this sort of fun may not have seen it and hopefully, find it useful!

Making a Polaroid Pinhole Camera from artpunk on Vimeo.

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