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To those who were asking about the BBF and where they may get it outside of Japan. I’m sorry for both the delay in answering your questions and for other things, which I take full responsibility for and will come to in due course.
I have returned to work after a nice break, so my updates to theplasticlens will be dictated by my fatigue levels after shift work and other responsibilities like family which come before writing here.
Let me update you now and explain my previous remark about other things ~ I feel that my enthusiasm over the prospective release of the new toy camera, the twin lens reflex 35mm BBF (Blackbird, Fly) from Superheadz may have generated a lot of (deserved) enthusiasm and anticipation regarding the camera with quite a few people wanting to get their hands on one. After receiving a few queries regarding distribution outside of Japan I contacted my friends at Powershovel/Superheadz about this. The good news is that unlike the Tolne, (which appeared as a blip on the Toy Camera radar screen and then was not to be seen again), the BBF will be being released and yes, it will find a market outside of Japan. The slightly disappointing news for those outside of Japan who would like one now, if not yesterday is that Superheadz don’t have ordering for these markets in place yet, but they do have plans for releasing it via third party stores such as (perhaps) Urban Outfitters and places like the MoMA shop in the U.S.A. (edit – and ICP in New York – by the end of October) – for Europe they are still considering options… edit ~ I have since heard of two outlets; Incognito & The Photographers’ gallery, sometime in mid-October.
They are also looking into a way of providing online ordering for outside countries, but are not able to say when that will be active yet, probably in the new year.
So once again, my apologies for generating premature expectations, for some reason I had thought that Superheadz did have distribution points outside Japan, but that was my mistake, sorry, but rest assured, if you are patient (or if you have a contact in Japan), you will be able to get a BBF eventually!
*note – please see my latest update regarding online ordering outside of Japan.

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