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Yet another BBF post

Sorry to keep banging on about the BBF blackbird,fly but according to Woopra (which I now have up and running thanks to my friend Philip putting the idea in my head to use it) the majority of visits to the words part of this site lately have arrived here because of referrals or searches regarding this camera. Yesterday a package arrived from Superheadz my friends in Tokyo, and yes! it was my BBF camera with some more film to shoot for them (some of which I have exposed today) last night I thought I would make an updated review video of the camera, because I really wasn’t happy with the first one. I split it into two parts, this first one dealing with the basics of the camera and mask options, the second part deals with loading film into this camera which I shall add later on.
The first ‘teaser’ review can be seen here: BBF – The Teaser and I first talked about this camera (with detailed close-up photos) here: Blackbird,Fly.
So apologies regarding my boring presentation skills, but here is another BBF review and at least the camera has heaps of personality!

blackbird,fly – an updated review from artpunk on Vimeo.


  1. Ben LoganNo Gravatar wrote:

    Thanks so much, Artpunk, for another great BBF promo video. You’re such an enthusiastic fellow. It’s contagious! The second video is more “informative,” but the first video communicates your excitement for this wonderful new invention beautifully. I like both vids quite a bit.

    So, lots of us plastic camera geeks are hoping that you can use your “insider influence” to campaign for availability outside of Japan. It’d be super to be able to order one of these magic little boxes online.

    Congrats on having your daughter featured in one of your photos on the Superheadz website. Lots of fun for you two! Thanks for your creative and playful spirit.

    Take care,

    Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 14:23 | Permalink
  2. CameronNo Gravatar wrote:

    Thanks Ben, I appreciate your feedback. I can tell you honestly that Powershovel and Superheadz are aware of the interest this little camera has generated and have assured me that they are doing their best to get some sort of online ordering system for countries outside Japan in place. They are also actively working on potential OS distributors. They are sorry that these options aren’t in place yet. They seem to be so busy doing stuff, I guess this might be why it could take a bit of time.

    Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 16:52 | Permalink
  3. KatNo Gravatar wrote:

    Wow this is awesome. Do you know when the official release is? I want to get my hands on this asap :)

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 14:00 | Permalink

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