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Argggh – and WTCD Photos

Keep mucking up with the database and WordPress. I think I’m getting there gradually, but it is a damn frustrating and laborious process. As an IT person I make a great ED nurse… I think a combination of shift work, family and managing a couple of websites has taxed my brain too much. After another database disaster I hope I finally have things (sort of) sorted out. Unfortunately I lost my last couple of posts and all my links.

WTCD Lillies - taken with the bbf

WTCD Lillies - taken with the bbf

In my last couple of posts I talked about the last (Saturday 18th October) WTCD (World Toy Camera Day) and how I took the blackbird,fly camera out for a spin. I didn’t really take many inspiring shots this year, but every day is toycamera day for me, so I have a whole 365 days in the year to practice…

I also mentioned that the blackbird,fly website is updated (again) with an english version and links to availability of the camera outside of Japan. – For Australian readers that would be Via Alley, which I have provided a link button to on the sidebar. Not only do they sell Superheadz gear but have lots of other interesting stuff on their site. If you visit and actually order something (like, let’s say a bbf) – please tell them theplasticlens sent you!

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  1. Ben LoganNo Gravatar wrote:

    I checked the English version of the Superheadz website. I clicked on “where to find,” in hopes of finding an option for BBF purchase in USA. They list “International Center of Photography” as a source. However, the IC of P doesn’t have the camera in stock as of yet. Hopefully soon?

    Thanks for the info PlasticLens. Also, thanks for the beautiful sample BBF photos. Fun stuff. :)

    Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 14:55 | Permalink

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