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New Look & Stuff

Regular visitors to the plastic lens may have noticed some changes lately. It’s a long story, but basically the php script running the ‘front end’ (the photos part) was a bit naughty and became unmanageable once I reached a certain number of images, causing problems with the server, in some cases resulting in the site being inaccessible. So I am converting the photos part to a WordPress based blog (as the ‘words’ part is) and am now trying to find the right template. I quite like the current one you see, but unfortunately it doesn’t handle lightbox (the pop-up images script) and doesn’t have thumbnailed archives. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

To all my Australian friends asking about the bbf please check out the Via Alley site. This comes to me today from Kat White (thanks Kat) -

“I have spoken to one of the guys at the Via Alley store (based in Paddington) and he has told me that they will have them instock in 2 weeks and they will be selling them for $180. I’ve asked him to tell me when they come in stock, so I’ll let you all know. Oh and they will be getting all three colours in”

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