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Some more photos back from Tokyo

For those who have been trying to access the site and been getting a “server not responding” message (as I have for the last few hours) – my apologies. I have requested some sort of explanation from my host for this and other buggy behaviour I’ve been experiencing lately. Jellyfish, as taken with the bbf
Back to business. The bbf website has been updated with lots of cool stuff including a gallery ~ most of the text is in Japanese of course, but I did note that it looked like there was going to be an option for an English version in the future – why else would they have a small tag on the home page saying Japanese (which is pretty obvious, looking at the site) except to offer the choice for other languages further down the track?
True to their wonderful nature, Powershovel sent some prints from the recent set of film I took for them. I got some of my photos back from Tokyo today. The only disappointment is that the over 30% of exposures I took with no mask in the BBF (exposure to the sprockets) were not printed as such, obviously the lab Powershovel used in Japan couldn’t handle that… but not to worry, when I eventually get the negatives I can scan them myself.Balls, as taken with a bbf camera (Responsive as ever, one of the people at Powershovel read about the lack of sprocket holes on my flickr photos and emailed me a promise to send the negs to me as soon as their art director was done with them) – they really are that nice to work with.

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  1. It is difficult to find labs that do things right with film nowadays… I’m looking for one here in tokyo that will develop the film and scan it to a CD or something, but not print the pics… the last time 20 out of 36 were not worth it

    Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 00:46 | Permalink

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