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Demekin Results

The film was over 20 years expired, 100 ASA and the shooting conditions were pretty overcast most of the time, but I am happy to say that I picked up the developed first roll from my demekin fisheye camera (made by Powershovel/Superheadz in Japan but available (along with other great products) in Australia from Via Alley
I am even happier to report that about 50% of my shots resulted in some sort of recognizable image! Let me clarify that statement in that it is not unusual to have a few ‘misses’ with the first trial of any new toy camera, given unfamiliarity with the way the camera works and responds in certain lighting conditions etc. Throw in the fact that the film was decades out of date and I’m surprised I got as many shots out of the roll as I did.

Chimney & Clouds - taken with the demekin fisheye camera

Chimney & Clouds - taken with the demekin fisheye camera

In true noob style, forgetting I was using a fisheye camera with a 146 degree field of view, I even managed to get my finger in one of the shots! (see example image called ‘olympicfinger’ you can see more examples by navigating forward or backward through the images once you’ve brought up the lightbox viewer). It’s hard to really judge the camera from this one roll given the variables I have mentioned, but I can at least comment on my personal experience using the camera for the first time and my initial impressions. Please take the example images provided in the context previously stated (over 20 years 100 ASA expired film, overcast conditions and first use of an unfamiliar camera) – so, my impressions? Well, I found the camera great fun to use (or should I say ‘play with’) and it is certainly a conversation starter. Even though the camera controls are very simple, I did mange to get the winding/shutter operation a bit wrong to start with, I wound on to the number 1, but when i went to take my first shot, the shutter did not seem to ‘click’ and I wasn’t sure if I had taken a photo or not – it turns out you have to wind until the film will not advance anymore and you here an audible sound (faint, but detectable) as the shutter cocks – then you can use the shutter release to take your shot, it should ‘click’ then (just like a real camera – heh).
olympic finger - taken with the demekin fisheye camera

olympic finger - taken with the demekin fisheye camera

I guess I am just too used to using my medium format toy cameras where you just wind on until the exposure number is in the window and which don’t need the shutter cocked by the film advance. Apart from this one small user interface problem (which was totally down to my inexperience with the camera) it worked fine. As mentioned you have to be careful not to get your fingers in frame, as the camera pulls in a wide field of view, because tha camera is small, the way you hold it could well have some stray fingers waggling in the front peripheral areas of the camera.
When I get some fresh 110 film (also available from Via Alley in Australia), I will be able to review this camera (and the Ikimono – stay tuned for my review of that) more thoroughly – as it deserves.


  1. TylerNo Gravatar wrote:

    just wondering where in melbourne you got the 110 developed? and for how much?
    im just holding off buying one of these until i can find cheap 110 processing


    Monday, April 13, 2009 at 11:42 | Permalink
  2. CameronNo Gravatar wrote:

    Hi Tyler, I’m not sure where you live in Melbourne, but my local lab in Belgrave develops 110 and I have been told ‘PhotoQ’ in Kew does as well. If you ask around some of your local labs you might be surprised to find they actually develop this format. Also, as far as getting film goes – Via Alley in Sydney have 110 film in stock on their website.

    Monday, April 13, 2009 at 13:14 | Permalink
  3. TylerNo Gravatar wrote:

    cool thanks for that i’m in vermont sth just down burwood highway and only seem to have one small pro lab nearby i’ll try them out, thanks

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 20:18 | Permalink
  4. evaNo Gravatar wrote:

    hey there! great post! i just got one of these myself. i couldnt wait to use it, but still haven’t been able to figure out the advance mechanism! my problem is that the film isn’t catching so i can’t even get it to advance. did you have this problem? any suggestions?


    Friday, April 17, 2009 at 10:00 | Permalink
  5. Co-op storeNo Gravatar wrote:

    Hey, really good post on a super popular camera at the moment.

    We also carry a big range of Superheadz product- check out our site here:

    Some nice shots on the Golden Half:


    Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 13:41 | Permalink

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