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World Pinhole Day

Yesterday I received this in my inbox, many of my readers may have as well, but for those that haven’t:

Dear Pinhole Photography Fan,

The global celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is Sunday, April 29, 2012.
Join thousands of photography enthusiasts from around the world to experience the creative joy of photography without a lens. Make a pinhole photograph on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and upload it to the premier online gallery of lensless photography

This year, in addition to uploading a pinhole photo to the gallery, you can upload a photo of the camera that created your gallery submission. Here’s the details:

Local events take place the globe. If you’d like to join other folks in making pinhole photos, look for an event in your part of the world:

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is completely run by volunteers. Here is a list of the folks who make it happen:

We look forward to seeing your photographic creation in the 2012 gallery.

Tom Miller, on behalf of the Coordinating Team
Tom Miller (USA) – Team Leader
Gregg Kemp (USA) – Team Leader, Webmaster
Paolo Aldi (Italy) – Publicity
Nick Dvoracek (USA) – Resources
Chuck Flagg (USA) – Education
Marie-NoĆ«lle Leroy (France) – Events
Patrizia Di Siro (Italy) – Publicity Assistant

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