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So… I sort of “lost” all my old Plastic Lens Photos. I have a love-hate relationship with the WordPress platform, on one hand it is brilliant, accessible and very easy to use, but on the other hand it is frequently updated, often with cool new features, but mainly to address security issues (and it is good that these issues are addressed at least) – and every once in a few years, for some stupid reason, everything gets lost in an upgrade. Yes, I do back up my data base, but as happened this time, my SQL restore didn’t work. That might be to do with my host/server – another service I have a love-hate thing going with. So, I will re-post some of favourite older images, updating details about them when and if I can. I apologise to my visitors who have seen it all be for and special apologies to those of you who kindly left comments, which were also lost… ho-hum, thats the way it goes. Perhaps these things happen to remind us of the transient nature of all things… that is surely a big reason why we take photos and record life’s moments anyway, don’t you think?

These metal ring sculptures can be found at Docklands Park. They are just two of many of different sizes and sit around and near the base of the kinetic sculpture The Blowhole.
You can see from the state of the grass how little rain we have had in the city at the time I took this (around January 2007), even the normally verdant hills where I live had been suffering from the drought.
Coming back to the sculptures themselves, I dont know the artist or what they are titled, but really like these works of public art, I was wandering around them for quite a while before finding a point of view I liked to capture this shot with my Diana and Fuji NPC 160.

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