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Tales From The Event Horizon


Into the Vortex! ~ It begins! Having skimmed over the surface of the event horizon we slip lower into the whirlpool of energy that will take us through the horizon and towards the singularity…

*Note: ‘The Event Horizon’ series of images came from some expired packs of SX-70 film that I found – some of the film was sort of OK, some so old the batteries in the film cassette were flat. In a dark room, I broke open some of the old cassettes and manually re-inserted the film into ‘fresh’, used SX-70 cassette (in which the batteries were thankfully still OK). The camera tended to spit out 2 at a time with a distinctly abstract flavour when I took a shot, but the results were manipulable!) I put together a whole series of these expired, manipulated Polaroids to make up a story, which developed into “Tales of The Event Horizon” and uploaded them to over the course of a few months back in 2005. I was reminded of them whilst reading a thread on the community forum, so put them together for my amusement. here