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Darkest (Room) Desires Revisited

darkroom-to-be-1Ever since, well, a long time, I have wanted to enlarge and develop my own prints… the old fashioned way, in a darkroom, using traditional techniques, chemicals, enlargers, etc etc
A couple of years ago (damn, was it a couple of years ago already?) my friend Paul and a few other friends got together and converted Paul’s kitchen into a darkroom to develop prints for an up & coming joint exhibition which you can read about that & see a time-lapse of the (dim) action here: The Kitchen Darkroom That was so much fun that after that I had all the best intentions of converting a small, unused room at my house into a proper darkroom…

darkroom-to-be-2 This small room was originally intended (by the people who lived in our house prior) to be a small en suite I think, it had a sink and an exhaust fan, but not much more. Best of all it had no external light sources. Of course we used it for ‘storage’ a term that basically is a euphemism for a ‘junk room’…
I had to remove the existing sink and build a suitable bench support for a new, longer sink. I had an old sink from a previous kitchen renovation. I have been told the chemicals will wreck the stainless steel over time, but I don’t have access or funds for an alternative, so will either cover it with plastic when in use or…I don’t know. I suppose I could fibreglass it…
Apart from putting the sink in, I also had to make a bench for the enlargers to sit on. I don’t think I will have enough room for any other bench space as the room is a glorified closet, really. But there is enough room for a bench and the sink, with storage available underneath these and on the walls if I put in some shelves… that will suffice. I decided that the cupboard that sat underneath the original sink could be used underneath the new sink, so simply built some supports for the longer length of the new sink. I then started making a suitable bench from some spare timber we had stored for projects like these.
…(to be continued)

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