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Category Archives: Philosophy

In Memoriam

As usual, I have been remiss in keeping this blog up to date. I guess I have been lucky enough to be having fun in the real world, making (or trying) to make music, working, learning the guitar, learning how to use Ableton Live and virtual instruments more creatively, trying to be a good husband […]

Staged Photographs

I may have mentioned this before, but I like to listen to Radiolab. It is one of the most interesting programs I know of, usually covering an eclectic array of topics with fantastic editing and sound design to boot. I hadn’t listened to it for a while so while the other night my wife was […]


Shoot yes, but THINK too!

I have just been reading a thread in the flickr forums where someone was feeling uninspired about what they saw as ‘nothing good to photograph’ – someone suggested they didn’t have to think about anything, and that ‘the whole point of lomography’ as they put it, was to ‘just shoot’. Oh boy. The first misunderstanding […]

Carmel Riordan & Print

Photography, Causality & Connections

It has been a long while between posts and for anyone who has visited hoping to read some new material on this blog, my sincere apologies. I am still taking photographs and have recently meandered into the wonderful world of home developing my film as well as planning and starting to collect equipment to make […]

A book of Andalusian poetry with cover photo by me!

February, Fires and Other Things

T he last few weeks have been extremely hot and dry with high winds, culminating in the worst bushfires Australia has seen in recorded history on Saturday the 7th (now being called “Black Saturday”) where the temperature reached over 46º C and many fires broke out, involving vast swathes of the State and in some […]

Photographer Public Enemy No 1?

Don’t you think it’s a bit sad, the atmosphere of fear and loathing that modern society (and more to the point government and media) has managed to whip up into a frenzy in the minds of the people on the street? This link leads to an interesting view on how amateur and professional photographers alike […]

Three Blue Pyramids

Superheadz Shots back from Japan!

These shots actually came back at the start of the month, as promised, but I’ve been so distracted by other stuff that I haven’t gotten around to discussing them yet. If you click on any of the thumbnails a larger image should pop up. As mentioned in this previous post I was given 5 rolls […]

The Queen


I‘m at work and can’t spend too much time entering much, but thought I woul’d grab a quick quiet moment to cut and paste an interview sent to me by a local newspaper reporter in relation to a joint toy camera exhibition coming up later this month (Oct 2007) called The Plastic Photo Show – […]

Capture the Moment by being Open to the Moment

How many times do we drive down the road, busy, busy going places and we see something, say for example, an abandoned rusted out car, lit just right by the setting sun, or as another example, a large group of goths emerging from the train station after a big night out…so, we see something and […]

The Why’s and Wherefore’s

I was browsing the forum today and stumbled across an interesting post talking about the underlying philosophies and process of shooting with toy cameras. It’s something I have been thinking about a fair bit and is one of the reasons I created the “words” part of the Plastic Lens site, so I could “think […]