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Photo Finish

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been running an almost Reality TV-type program called “Photo Finish” where 3 amateur photographers are given cameras that they are unfamiliar with to fulfil a random brief in a limited period of time. As much as I have a few issues with the technical aspects of the show, it does […]



A photographic exhibition by the friends of Jeff Moorfoot One hundred photographers show their appreciation for the hard work done by the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Director, donating some of their finest work to be sold on his behalf. A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase works by these artists at a very modest […]

Pears WPPD 09

Pinhole Day and a Quick 1st impression of Harinezumi

This years Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (last Sunday) was less than optimal (for me) for a lot of reasons. The weather was shocking, we had power failures, my computer froze when the power finally came back on and I was suffering from the jet-lag feeling that comes from just finishing night shift and having to […]

harinezumi ambulance


OK, here are my first takes with the super cool & groovy Digital Harinezumi from Superheadz in Japan, the footage here was captured in very poor light conditions, mainly due to: 1. The first shots being shot at night in subdued lighting (as I was on night shift at the time) & 2. the rest […]

Chimney & Clouds - taken with the demekin fisheye camera

Demekin Results

The film was over 20 years expired, 100 ASA and the shooting conditions were pretty overcast most of the time, but I am happy to say that I picked up the developed first roll from my demekin fisheye camera (made by Powershovel/Superheadz in Japan but available (along with other great products) in Australia from Via […]

The Demekin Fisheye Camera from Superheadz

Demekin Fun

After reading the review of the demekin camera on Nic’s blog (see previous post) I was inspired to unwrap the expired 110 film and load it onto my demekin and take it out on the weekend. Unfortunately the weather was pretty overcast most of the time and the film speed of 100 wasn’t great for […]

35mm Back for the Diana +

I received my last order from the Lomographic Society on Friday; a 35mm back for the Diana + cameras, with most of the English instructions missing due to a misprint. I had also ordered a Diana + Edelweiss edition that was broken (lens assembly completely detached from the body, dangling by the wires for the […]

Yet another BBF post

Sorry to keep banging on about the BBF blackbird,fly but according to Woopra (which I now have up and running thanks to my friend Philip putting the idea in my head to use it) the majority of visits to the words part of this site lately have arrived here because of referrals or searches regarding […]

BBF – the teaser movie

Below is a ‘teaser‘ video of a great new plastic camera that is in development by the company Powershovel, in Japan. I have mentioned Powershovel on this blog before, they are the driving force behind many great artistic projects that involve music, books and photography and behind the company Superheadz Ina Babylon who market all […]


Blackbird, Fly

Powershovel, the forward thinking Japanese company that involved a few lucky photographers (including yours truly) around the world in a photographic collaboration using the Holga 135BC (as mentioned in previous posts) has kindly invited me to trial a new toy camera they have in development, a plastic 35mm Twin Lens Reflex called the Blackbird, Fly. […]