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This is Amazing

I often think of Photography in terms of freezing a specific slice of time for later perusal, but a gentleman named Adam Magyar has taken this conceptual framework to an amazing new artistic level. Read about him here: Einstein’s Camera You can see samples of his work here: on vimeo And here is a sample […]

Darkroom Project… continued

Recording Obsolescence

Do you have obsolescent or semi-obsolescent stuff around? I bet you do. Here I was just having a bit of fun visually recording some audio recording of some obsolescent or semi-obsolescent technology for’s latest community recording project ‘Exploring Obsolescence’ No micro-cassettes were harmed in the making of this video, but I’m afraid some circuitry […]


Dinosaurs of the Film Age

I saw an article today which I found interesting, hope you do too: Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age If you want to cut to the chase and see the project that prompted the piece of journalism in Wired however, go here! edit: Since posting this I have found a video featuring […]

BBF under the ‘Big Sticks’

It is completely inexcusable of course, but I haven’t had a chance to do anything much except fulfil work & family responsibilities lately, so my apologies for any lack of content here. I hope everyone has had a very safe & happy festive season and wish you all a incredible New Year! Here is a […]

The Kitchen Darkroom

One Saturday a group of friends with a common passion for analogue photography got together to convert Paul’s kitchen into a darkroom for the afternoon for the purposes of making some traditional photographic ‘wet’ prints. Those of us not experienced in this art (Lea, Sophie & I) watched & learnt from our friends Paul & […]

Skorj in the City

Mark Skorj on the Minjonju Show

I have been fortunate to know him for many years through our mutual love of toy cameras, but he is also a great Polaroid photographer. We mainly interact online from time to time but I remember one memorable day we wandered around Melbourne (with another friend Mike) taking photographs of anything that grabbed our interest […]

More D.I.Y. Pinhole Fun!

For the 2010 World Pinhole Photography Day, I decided to make a new pinhole camera, similar to the pinhole blender cameras that merge several pinhole images onto one long exposure. In 2007 at the Daylesford Foto Biennale, I first saw some amazing pinhole images taken by an Australian photographer Steph Tout – Steph Tout Photography […]

Goodbye BIFB09

Image Selection Area within the sprockets to 'set' tonal value

Scanning For Sprockets [Revisited]

A while back I tried to explain how to get sprockets holes from your toy camera negatives scanned to a digital file correctly. My text and images where not entirely the best method to explain it so now finally I have produced a long overdue tutorial on how to use your scanner software to scan […]