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Pinhole Rose

Pinhole Day Coming to a World Near You Soon

I t’s been a while since i updated the words part of the site, sorry. Things have been a bit busy & weird around here (something not that unusual) but I hope to be back to updating the site with interesting new material, cameras, reviews (including some cool Superheadz cameras) and videos of…stuff (It’s a […]


W ell, today is the first day of the last month of the calendar year. It’s been a busy year here at theplasticlens, with one exhibition, developing B&W film for the first time in donkey’s years and let’s not forget the arrival of the new blackbird,fly camera from Superheadz/Powershovel in Japan. In other exciting happenings […]


Get Ready

The 6th annual World Toy Camera Day to be held on October 18, 2008. Get ready to whip out your plastic cameras and take some great shots! I was too busy/distracted/stupid/thedogatemypost forgot to write about WTCD last year which is pretty ironic really considering this blog is mainly about toy camera photography, so I thought […]