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35mm Back for the Diana +

I received my last order from the Lomographic Society on Friday; a 35mm back for the Diana + cameras, with most of the English instructions missing due to a misprint. I had also ordered a Diana + Edelweiss edition that was broken (lens assembly completely detached from the body, dangling by the wires for the […]

2a-5a 35mm film in a Diana

The 35mm Diana + Result

Well, I have had my first roll developed from the 35mm film in the Diana + experiment and have learned a couple of things:  1. I needed to wind on a little more than I first thought for at least the first half of the roll, perhaps one & 1/4 turns of the winder rather […]

35mm Film In Your Toy Camera

Here is a fairly straight forward tutorial video showing how to simply adapt a toy camera (a Diana + in this case) that usually takes 120 (medium format) film to take 35mm film. Even though I’m using 35mm in my Diana + here, this should be achievable in just about any medium format toy camera […]