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365 Photos Some More

Here are some photos for my 365 photos project-thang… I have actually been taking an image a day, just haven’t updated them here, slacker that I am. The images below have been made with expired “Ultraviolet ID” Instant Pack Film in my Polaroid 600SE Camera and tinted in post processing. I will attempt to retrospectively […]

365 things

Happly New Year good readers! Why anyone would even bother visiting this poorly updated blog recently is a mystery but for any who still are, thanks and I hope 2014 will be a wonderful year for you. All things considered, for yours truly 2013 was a good year. I am still fortunate enough to be […]

Unsensored 2013

In 2012 I did not exhibit in Melbourne Silver Mine’s Unsensored (although I had in the previous 4 or so years), so it was great to be able to exhibit three of my own darkroom prints in this years group exhibition of all analogue photography (even though I was rostered on night shift for the […]

Drying Time

Negative Thoughts

After finishing a second colour roll of film in my Yashica FX-D camera (the other roll sitting on my shelf for a month or two), I decided to develop some film for the first time in a while… although I wasn’t sure if my chemicals were still viable, so instead of wasting two rolls of […]


Dinosaurs of the Film Age

I saw an article today which I found interesting, hope you do too: Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age If you want to cut to the chase and see the project that prompted the piece of journalism in Wired however, go here! edit: Since posting this I have found a video featuring […]

BBF under the ‘Big Sticks’

It is completely inexcusable of course, but I haven’t had a chance to do anything much except fulfil work & family responsibilities lately, so my apologies for any lack of content here. I hope everyone has had a very safe & happy festive season and wish you all a incredible New Year! Here is a […]

Fujica Single-8 P2 - good old fashioned movie camera.

Loving The BBF

This post shows a video which was edited from a digital transfer from some good old fashioned analogue 8mm film. Taken with a Fuji Single-8 movie camera; no sound, 16 frames per second, fixed focus, point and shoot – probably the movie camera equivalent of a ‘toy camera’ with wonderful artifacts, colour and retro look […]



If anyone is bopping around in Melbourne this evening, there is a joint photographic exhibition of analog photography opening tonight @ 6pm, all welcome! I have one photo hanging, but there are many wonderful examples of film photography showing. The exhibition details are below: UNSENSORED08 Collingwood Gallery 292 Smith Street Collingwood Opening Tonight (08 08 […]