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Recording Obsolescence

Do you have obsolescent or semi-obsolescent stuff around? I bet you do. Here I was just having a bit of fun visually recording some audio recording of some obsolescent or semi-obsolescent technology for’s latest community recording project ‘Exploring Obsolescence’ No micro-cassettes were harmed in the making of this video, but I’m afraid some circuitry […]

A Visit to the House of the Plastic Lens

A fter a hectic and busy time juggling work and various end-of-year things (my children’s school fete, end-of-year concerts, catch-ups and other socially oriented activities) I realised I had neglected the old blog. Here is something I have been meaning to put together and upload for a while; a short visit to my house to […]

Camera Cabaret

After posting my BBF video, (which is hosted on Vimeo), a fellow named Gianfranco Chicco made a comment on it there. He is on sabbatical in Tokyo and has visited Powershovel’s Camera Cabaret recently. Camera Cabaret is the Powershovel/Superheadz Ina Babylon shop in Shibuya, Tokyo and looks (from Gianfranco’s video) to be chock full of […]