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First Prints

So, the darkroom is mostly completed, apart from getting the plumbing connected up. I have managed to spend a few creative hours testing my skills as a print-maker. I hope to improve with time, but was quite pleased with the results I obtained for my first few prints. I managed not to waste too much […]

Darkroom Project… continued

Darkest (Room) Desires Revisited

Ever since, well, a long time, I have wanted to enlarge and develop my own prints… the old fashioned way, in a darkroom, using traditional techniques, chemicals, enlargers, etc etc A couple of years ago (damn, was it a couple of years ago already?) my friend Paul and a few other friends got together and […]

The Kitchen Darkroom

One Saturday a group of friends with a common passion for analogue photography got together to convert Paul’s kitchen into a darkroom for the afternoon for the purposes of making some traditional photographic ‘wet’ prints. Those of us not experienced in this art (Lea, Sophie & I) watched & learnt from our friends Paul & […]