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So… I sort of “lost” all my old Plastic Lens Photos. I have a love-hate relationship with the WordPress platform, on one hand it is brilliant, accessible and very easy to use, but on the other hand it is frequently updated, often with cool new features, but mainly to address security issues (and it is […]

35mm Back for the Diana +

I received my last order from the Lomographic Society on Friday; a 35mm back for the Diana + cameras, with most of the English instructions missing due to a misprint. I had also ordered a Diana + Edelweiss edition that was broken (lens assembly completely detached from the body, dangling by the wires for the […]

Of Diana + Lenses

A friend of mine on flicker sent me a message, quite concerned that she had stuffed up her Diana + camera by putting on one of it’s accessory lenses the wrong way. She had put her fisheye lens on without aligning the white dots and was also finding it quite stiff when trying to remove […]

The original (literally) Holgamods pinhole Holga, this was Randy's prototype.

Holga-Diana + Hybrid Experiment

Well, the day after WPPD (worldwide pinhole photography day) Randy Smith’s original Pinholga camera prototype arrived in the post, and a nice piece of Holga modification it is too! Having the pinhole plate secured by a screw in filter holder (Kodak Series V type known to Diana users who like to use filters on their […]

Diana, Holga – Oranges, Apples, Horses, Courses?

A few queries have come through my inbox over the last couple of years and I’ve seen quite a few discussions regarding the differences between Diana and Holga toy cameras and which is better. Let me state right now that value judgements like ‘better’ really are subjective markers and what is good for one person […]