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More 365

Day 10 – Mr Sooty on the grass. The second-last pack of SX-70 Instant film is now finished, with only about 60% of the images being viable. The other 40% did produce images, but they were either too dark, or the area of non-viable chemicals (the ‘brown’ areas) where the image didn’t develop was too […]

More 365 Photos

Tales From The Event Horizon

TALES FROM THE EVENT HORIZON (VI) Into the Vortex! ~ It begins! Having skimmed over the surface of the event horizon we slip lower into the whirlpool of energy that will take us through the horizon and towards the singularity… *Note: ‘The Event Horizon’ series of images came from some expired packs of SX-70 film […]


Four Corners Store

When I was younger there used to be a chain of grocery stores that went by the name of the Four-Square cooperative chain. These days I don’t see many of those stores around due to the big monopolies of the large supermarket chains. I’m happy to announce that a different kind of ‘four’ store, the […]

Chimney & Clouds - taken with the demekin fisheye camera

Demekin Results

The film was over 20 years expired, 100 ASA and the shooting conditions were pretty overcast most of the time, but I am happy to say that I picked up the developed first roll from my demekin fisheye camera (made by Powershovel/Superheadz in Japan but available (along with other great products) in Australia from Via […]

Christmas Crazies

Silly Season

B etwixt Christmas Day & New Years Day there exists (for me) a kind of limbo, a miasma of half asleep apathy and inertia. It could be the effects of all the food and drink, not to mention the mad running around we have done, or perhaps the residual effects of the recent night shifts […]