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New B & W

Well, photography has certainly taken a back seat to other things in life for a while, but I was pleased to actually finish a roll from my Bronica SQ-A the other day and get the time to develop the film and scan it in. Here are the results, mostly from around a golf course nearby […]

Drying Time

Negative Thoughts

After finishing a second colour roll of film in my Yashica FX-D camera (the other roll sitting on my shelf for a month or two), I decided to develop some film for the first time in a while… although I wasn’t sure if my chemicals were still viable, so instead of wasting two rolls of […]

BBF under the ‘Big Sticks’

It is completely inexcusable of course, but I haven’t had a chance to do anything much except fulfil work & family responsibilities lately, so my apologies for any lack of content here. I hope everyone has had a very safe & happy festive season and wish you all a incredible New Year! Here is a […]


Four Corners Store

When I was younger there used to be a chain of grocery stores that went by the name of the Four-Square cooperative chain. These days I don’t see many of those stores around due to the big monopolies of the large supermarket chains. I’m happy to announce that a different kind of ‘four’ store, the […]

The Demekin Fisheye Camera from Superheadz

Demekin Fun

After reading the review of the demekin camera on Nic’s blog (see previous post) I was inspired to unwrap the expired 110 film and load it onto my demekin and take it out on the weekend. Unfortunately the weather was pretty overcast most of the time and the film speed of 100 wasn’t great for […]

Home made mask for scanning sprockets in Canoscan 8400f

Scanning for Sprockets

So you’ve got yourself a new BBF, or you’ve loaded 35mm into your Medium Format Toy Camera after I showed you how (or not, *heh*) or you may have bought a 35mm back for your Diana + camera or for your Holga. You have finished your first roll of film that you opted (in the […]

Developing In The Park

Last Sunday the Melbourne Silver Mine Inc and Melbourne Flickr group held a meet at Albert Park Lake where some of the more experienced members demonstrated how easy it was to develop your own B & W film with a few chemicals and fairly simple equipment. They started by loading exposed B & W film […]

Yet another BBF post

Sorry to keep banging on about the BBF blackbird,fly but according to Woopra (which I now have up and running thanks to my friend Philip putting the idea in my head to use it) the majority of visits to the words part of this site lately have arrived here because of referrals or searches regarding […]



If anyone is bopping around in Melbourne this evening, there is a joint photographic exhibition of analog photography opening tonight @ 6pm, all welcome! I have one photo hanging, but there are many wonderful examples of film photography showing. The exhibition details are below: UNSENSORED08 Collingwood Gallery 292 Smith Street Collingwood Opening Tonight (08 08 […]

Distance/Range Legend on a Holga Lens to Select Appropriate Focus Range

Starting Out

T he popularity of plastic cameras like the new Diana + series means that there are more people out there taking their first steps with film and medium format, as well as dealing with the particular quirks of these plastic fantastics. I sometimes forget that in this digital age there are many people out there […]