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World Toy Camera Day TOMORROW (19th October)!

Just saying… yay! I will be using my Blackbird Fly 35mm camera (which produced the image here ‘kid on a chair’) and my Diana for medium format plastic fun! …oh, and probably a disposable underwater camera as well (why not?)


Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Today!

If the date in your timezone is the 28th day of April, then it’s WPPD. Get your pinhole camera(s) loaded with film (if you haven’t already) and make some pinhole photographs! It’s HIP, it’s FUN and you will LOVE the photographs made! Once developed/appreciated/printed/scanned you can upload your best here:

World Pinhole Day

Yesterday I received this in my inbox, many of my readers may have as well, but for those that haven’t: Dear Pinhole Photography Fan, The global celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is Sunday, April 29, 2012.Join thousands of photography enthusiasts from around the world to experience the creative joy of photography without a lens. […]

The Kitchen Darkroom

One Saturday a group of friends with a common passion for analogue photography got together to convert Paul’s kitchen into a darkroom for the afternoon for the purposes of making some traditional photographic ‘wet’ prints. Those of us not experienced in this art (Lea, Sophie & I) watched & learnt from our friends Paul & […]

The Digital Harinezumi from Superheadz

Harinezumi & World Wide Pinhole Photography Day!!

Woot! Double bonus for me (well, triple if you count my coming off nightshift yesterday morning) not only is it World Pinhole Day, my second equal favourite photography day of the year next to World Toy Camera Day, but the Digital Harinezumi from Superheadz arrived from Japan on Friday! More on both of these things […]

Pinhole Photography Family Fun [WPPD Part 1]

April 27th 2008 was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (in case you hadn’t gotten the hint after me banging on about it for a while now) We walked up the street in the afternoon, it was chilly, cloudy, threatening to rain but with short (very short) moments of sunshine. The whole family (including the dog) helped […]