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Blended Holga Views of New York

Y ears ago I achieved some unintentional overlapped Black & White shots with my Holga camera the first time I took it out, due to my failing to set the number of exposures correctly at the film counter window. This is quite a common ‘mistake’ for first time users of cameras with alternative frame mask […]

Pinhole Rose

Pinhole Day Coming to a World Near You Soon

I t’s been a while since i updated the words part of the site, sorry. Things have been a bit busy & weird around here (something not that unusual) but I hope to be back to updating the site with interesting new material, cameras, reviews (including some cool Superheadz cameras) and videos of…stuff (It’s a […]

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Part 2

Part two isn’t half as entertaining as part one, primarily because it only has boring old me in it and not the kids. This was later in the afternoon, after we had been to the park and I had picked up my Holgamods Pinhole slide to do some still life photography of tomatoes. Shown is […]

The original (literally) Holgamods pinhole Holga, this was Randy's prototype.

Holga-Diana + Hybrid Experiment

Well, the day after WPPD (worldwide pinhole photography day) Randy Smith’s original Pinholga camera prototype arrived in the post, and a nice piece of Holga modification it is too! Having the pinhole plate secured by a screw in filter holder (Kodak Series V type known to Diana users who like to use filters on their […]

Diana, Holga – Oranges, Apples, Horses, Courses?

A few queries have come through my inbox over the last couple of years and I’ve seen quite a few discussions regarding the differences between Diana and Holga toy cameras and which is better. Let me state right now that value judgements like ‘better’ really are subjective markers and what is good for one person […]

Holga 135 BC

It sounds like a B grade epic theatre type movie about old testament life, but the 135 BC is a new Holga camera that takes 35mm film. The bc stands for (I think) bent corners which refers to the vignetting you get on your photos, probably produced from the curved corners mask inside the camera […]