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Skorj in the City

Mark Skorj on the Minjonju Show

I have been fortunate to know him for many years through our mutual love of toy cameras, but he is also a great Polaroid photographer. We mainly interact online from time to time but I remember one memorable day we wandered around Melbourne (with another friend Mike) taking photographs of anything that grabbed our interest […]

web bridge figure

‘Sometimes We Yearn For The Dream’

Apologies for a general lack of content and updates. Dealing with a busy work environment (thank you Swine Flu!) and family life has left me with less time and energy than I normally would have. I am still taking photos when I can, of course. Thanks to a contact on flickr who pointed me to […]

A book of Andalusian poetry with cover photo by me!

February, Fires and Other Things

T he last few weeks have been extremely hot and dry with high winds, culminating in the worst bushfires Australia has seen in recorded history on Saturday the 7th (now being called “Black Saturday”) where the temperature reached over 46º C and many fires broke out, involving vast swathes of the State and in some […]

Empire Junior - Simple Medium Format Camera

Susan B

In many ways this blog owes a lot to a nice person named Susan Burnstine, who takes dreamy etherial photography with her homemade cameras and has a great site outafocus as well as her professional photography site. In 2005 I got hold of one of her cameras, a little gem of a thing with the […]

The Queen


I‘m at work and can’t spend too much time entering much, but thought I woul’d grab a quick quiet moment to cut and paste an interview sent to me by a local newspaper reporter in relation to a joint toy camera exhibition coming up later this month (Oct 2007) called The Plastic Photo Show – […]