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SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera

Plastic, Plastic, a little bit of digital…

Well, my entries here have been sparse lately, as I have been caught up doing lots of other fun stuff which I will talk about over the course of the next few posts. I have been taking lots of photos with the blackbird,fly as well as capturing my photographic excursions on good old fashioned 8mm […]

Snap! Autumn cover

Snap! Magazine Images (Published in Japan Again)

I n Tokyo there lives a very generous man named Susuma Kohda, who also happens to be a very talented photographer. This morning an Australia Post vehicle delivered a package to my door. Inside were two magazines kindly sent to me by Susumu, one was the latest edition of Snap! where more of my images […]

Some more photos back from Tokyo

For those who have been trying to access the site and been getting a “server not responding” message (as I have for the last few hours) – my apologies. I have requested some sort of explanation from my host for this and other buggy behaviour I’ve been experiencing lately. Back to business. The bbf website […]

Camera Cabaret

After posting my BBF video, (which is hosted on Vimeo), a fellow named Gianfranco Chicco made a comment on it there. He is on sabbatical in Tokyo and has visited Powershovel’s Camera Cabaret recently. Camera Cabaret is the Powershovel/Superheadz Ina Babylon shop in Shibuya, Tokyo and looks (from Gianfranco’s video) to be chock full of […]


Magical Superheadz & BBF imminent release!

I just love Superheadz. Not only because they feature my youngest daughter on the opening banner page for their Magical Camera Tour 2008! as seen at left, but for the whole feeling of verve and fun that pervades the whole site, from the colourful graphics and their enthusiastic approach to life, the universe and everything […]

Published in Japan!

A flickr friend of mine and fellow toy camera fan who lives in Japan – Susumu Kohda (Tokiocityphotos on flickr), noticed some of my photos in a Japanese magazine called Snap! and sent me 3 images from it today. I was excited to see photographs of my dog, daughter (and friends), chicken, trees near our […]