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Blended Holga Views of New York

Y ears ago I achieved some unintentional overlapped Black & White shots with my Holga camera the first time I took it out, due to my failing to set the number of exposures correctly at the film counter window. This is quite a common ‘mistake’ for first time users of cameras with alternative frame mask […]

Distance/Range Legend on a Holga Lens to Select Appropriate Focus Range

Starting Out

T he popularity of plastic cameras like the new Diana + series means that there are more people out there taking their first steps with film and medium format, as well as dealing with the particular quirks of these plastic fantastics. I sometimes forget that in this digital age there are many people out there […]

Labs, 120 film and Stuff…

On visiting Ralph’s site after he left a comment on my little pod-cast thingy, I found myself nodding my head in understanding through much of his most recent post where he talks about (among other topics) the way labs deal with medium format film, specifically medium format film from toy cameras. The lab I use […]

Negative Sleeves

I don’t want to sound too negative in this post (ok, sorry, very lame joke) but what is it about the local labs around me that they can’t be bothered to even try and stock 120 negative sleeves/pages. Does anyone else have this problem? More and more lately I notice my negatives are getting damaged […]