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The Long Drive

No connection/service along the Stuart Hwy north up to Tennant Creek from Alice, no connection in Tennant Creek. Heading further North, same story. Optus cellular service only seems to cover the major townships. I’m not expecting service in Mataranka either. The wife’s loving the lack of connection meaning my total attention for her (except when […]

Walk round ‘The Rock’

Took the kids around Uluru today. By around I mean a base walk around the whole of this largest of all monoliths in the world. For the curious, see if you can find Uluru on Google Earth to get an idea of what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen the postcards or tourist shots, but […]

There’s 1st Class Travel…

…and then there’s travel with your kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love them very much, BUT.. I am sitting in the hired Maui we have to travel around the Northern Territory for the next few days. Already I have had to defuse WW III in the back of the van a couple of times […]

An iPhone post

Well I’m just testing out WordPress for on my iPhone, which I know is kinda geeky, but hey… I want to see how/if it works as I’ll be travelling soon & will be posting ‘from the field’ so to speak. I’ll try adding a photo too, although while I’m away from a developing lab, any […]