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A book of Andalusian poetry with cover photo by me!

February, Fires and Other Things

T he last few weeks have been extremely hot and dry with high winds, culminating in the worst bushfires Australia has seen in recorded history on Saturday the 7th (now being called “Black Saturday”) where the temperature reached over 46ยบ C and many fires broke out, involving vast swathes of the State and in some […]

Pinhole Rose on Extratech Herald Sun

Pinhole Rose in the Paper

Y esterday (November 12th) my pinhole rose photo was published in the extratech section of the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne. It’s good to see that in these days of megapixel digital photography the origins of photography and image making (the Camera Obscura) still get some mention (even if it is under the title ‘strange […]

Snap! Autumn cover

Snap! Magazine Images (Published in Japan Again)

I n Tokyo there lives a very generous man named Susuma Kohda, who also happens to be a very talented photographer. This morning an Australia Post vehicle delivered a package to my door. Inside were two magazines kindly sent to me by Susumu, one was the latest edition of Snap! where more of my images […]

Published in Japan!

A flickr friend of mine and fellow toy camera fan who lives in Japan – Susumu Kohda (Tokiocityphotos on flickr), noticed some of my photos in a Japanese magazine called Snap! and sent me 3 images from it today. I was excited to see photographs of my dog, daughter (and friends), chicken, trees near our […]