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World Toy Camera Day TOMORROW (19th October)!

Just saying… yay! I will be using my Blackbird Fly 35mm camera (which produced the image here ‘kid on a chair’) and my Diana for medium format plastic fun! …oh, and probably a disposable underwater camera as well (why not?)


Photo Finish

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been running an almost Reality TV-type program called “Photo Finish” where 3 amateur photographers are given cameras that they are unfamiliar with to fulfil a random brief in a limited period of time. As much as I have a few issues with the technical aspects of the show, it does […]

Distance/Range Legend on a Holga Lens to Select Appropriate Focus Range

Starting Out

T he popularity of plastic cameras like the new Diana + series means that there are more people out there taking their first steps with film and medium format, as well as dealing with the particular quirks of these plastic fantastics. I sometimes forget that in this digital age there are many people out there […]