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Image Selection Area within the sprockets to 'set' tonal value

Scanning For Sprockets [Revisited]

A while back I tried to explain how to get sprockets holes from your toy camera negatives scanned to a digital file correctly. My text and images where not entirely the best method to explain it so now finally I have produced a long overdue tutorial on how to use your scanner software to scan […]


Blackbird,fly – Loading Film

A fter a few enquiries and the fact that I have been meaning to put together and upload this for a while but just never got around to it, here is an otherwise boring (insomniacs if you need a cure look here) visual tutorial on how to load film into your BBF (blackbird,fly) camera, I […]

Making A Polaroid Pinhole Camera

This little video was made with Phil in mind, as he expressed in interest in how to do this (he actually offered to bear my children for this info, but personally, however tempting, I don¬ít think it would work!) If anyone else can glean some useful hints from it (and can be patient enough to […]

35mm Film In Your Toy Camera

Here is a fairly straight forward tutorial video showing how to simply adapt a toy camera (a Diana + in this case) that usually takes 120 (medium format) film to take 35mm film. Even though I’m using 35mm in my Diana + here, this should be achievable in just about any medium format toy camera […]

Light Seal

Toycamera Lightseal from artpunk on Vimeo. I would just like to note that Light Leaks (magazine) showcased South Australian plastic photographer Don Brice (mentioned previously here) in their last issue. Now to this post. I have put together a little video podcast, it’s a bit dry & not that exciting but I’m just feeling my […]