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Walk round ‘The Rock’

Took the kids around Uluru today. By around I mean a base walk around the whole of this largest of all monoliths in the world. For the curious, see if you can find Uluru on Google Earth to get an idea of what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen the postcards or tourist shots, but […]

Labs, 120 film and Stuff…

On visiting Ralph’s site after he left a comment on my little pod-cast thingy, I found myself nodding my head in understanding through much of his most recent post where he talks about (among other topics) the way labs deal with medium format film, specifically medium format film from toy cameras. The lab I use […]

Light Seal

Toycamera Lightseal from artpunk on Vimeo. I would just like to note that Light Leaks (magazine) showcased South Australian plastic photographer Don Brice (mentioned previously here) in their last issue. Now to this post. I have put together a little video podcast, it’s a bit dry & not that exciting but I’m just feeling my […]


Just a quick little post, as it’s late, I really should go to bed and I’ve been wrestling with the quirky behaviour of the photoblog side of the site. I picked up three of my photographs from the framers today for an upcoming toy camera and pinhole exhibition here in Melbourne at the Kerala gallery. […]

Capture the Moment by being Open to the Moment

How many times do we drive down the road, busy, busy going places and we see something, say for example, an abandoned rusted out car, lit just right by the setting sun, or as another example, a large group of goths emerging from the train station after a big night out…so, we see something and […]

The Why’s and Wherefore’s

I was browsing the forum today and stumbled across an interesting post talking about the underlying philosophies and process of shooting with toy cameras. It’s something I have been thinking about a fair bit and is one of the reasons I created the “words” part of the Plastic Lens site, so I could “think […]

Negative Sleeves

I don’t want to sound too negative in this post (ok, sorry, very lame joke) but what is it about the local labs around me that they can’t be bothered to even try and stock 120 negative sleeves/pages. Does anyone else have this problem? More and more lately I notice my negatives are getting damaged […]

Wandering with Don

I had the very good fortune to catch up with Don Brice last Week. Don is a professional photographer and toy camera aficionado from Adelaide and was over in Melbourne on an assignment. We met up at Federation Square amongst a crowd of people following the Australian Open Tennis on the big screen in the […]

In the Beginning

To outline how I managed to wander onto the path of toy camera-dom here are extracts from my old blog punkclown daze – Flash Back to April 2005 ~ (wavy visuals and twilight zone theme goes here) Saturday, April 09, 2005 Whooot! I’m a WINNER! Well, to cap off a lovely sunny day spent with […]

The Lure of Lo-Tech

Hello and welcome to the part of The Plastic Lens where I talk a bit about my journey as a toy camera photographer and share some of my experiences of using these wonderfully lo-tech cameras in my every day adventures as a photographer, when I’m not busy being the many other things I am. I […]