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365 Photos Some More

Here are some photos for my 365 photos project-thang… I have actually been taking an image a day, just haven’t updated them here, slacker that I am. The images below have been made with expired “Ultraviolet ID” Instant Pack Film in my Polaroid 600SE Camera and tinted in post processing. I will attempt to retrospectively […]

One of the Many Reasons Why I LOVE Large Format

Recently I was fortunate enough to take part in a joint exercise with my favourite local analogue photographers group, Melbourne Silver Mine and the White Night Melbourne to take some long exposure photography over the course of the night ~ from the White Night Melbourne site: In its 2013 debut, White Night Melbourne attracted more […]

This is Amazing

I often think of Photography in terms of freezing a specific slice of time for later perusal, but a gentleman named Adam Magyar has taken this conceptual framework to an amazing new artistic level. Read about him here: Einstein’s Camera You can see samples of his work here: on vimeo And here is a sample […]

More 365

Day 10 – Mr Sooty on the grass. The second-last pack of SX-70 Instant film is now finished, with only about 60% of the images being viable. The other 40% did produce images, but they were either too dark, or the area of non-viable chemicals (the ‘brown’ areas) where the image didn’t develop was too […]

More 365 Photos

365 things

Happly New Year good readers! Why anyone would even bother visiting this poorly updated blog recently is a mystery but for any who still are, thanks and I hope 2014 will be a wonderful year for you. All things considered, for yours truly 2013 was a good year. I am still fortunate enough to be […]

Unsensored 2013

In 2012 I did not exhibit in Melbourne Silver Mine’s Unsensored (although I had in the previous 4 or so years), so it was great to be able to exhibit three of my own darkroom prints in this years group exhibition of all analogue photography (even though I was rostered on night shift for the […]


World Toy Camera Day TOMORROW (19th October)!

Just saying… yay! I will be using my Blackbird Fly 35mm camera (which produced the image here ‘kid on a chair’) and my Diana for medium format plastic fun! …oh, and probably a disposable underwater camera as well (why not?)

New B & W

Well, photography has certainly taken a back seat to other things in life for a while, but I was pleased to actually finish a roll from my Bronica SQ-A the other day and get the time to develop the film and scan it in. Here are the results, mostly from around a golf course nearby […]


Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Today!

If the date in your timezone is the 28th day of April, then it’s WPPD. Get your pinhole camera(s) loaded with film (if you haven’t already) and make some pinhole photographs! It’s HIP, it’s FUN and you will LOVE the photographs made! Once developed/appreciated/printed/scanned you can upload your best here: