I was going to upload a whole lot of Polaroid photos that I have made over the years but decided it would be far easier to link to my profile on the amazing site that helped me explore my passion in instant photography, a place on the inter webs called ‘polanoid.net’ started by a couple of cool dudes called Doc & Lexi. I miss those guys!
I made so many friends there. Sadly, the site has gone into a form of stasis, but remains online. (edit: it seems some sort of activity still exists with more recent uploads than I believed)
Click on the below link to visit my polanoid.net profile with all of the 2,380 or so Polaroids (yes, when I get pasionate about something, I really get passionate) that I made and uploaded there over the years.
Artpunk (me) @ Polanoid dot net

Meanings Change Their Words
Polaroid capture of a scene from “Alphaville”

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