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Four Corners Store

When I was younger there used to be a chain of grocery stores that went by the name of the Four-Square cooperative chain. These days I don’t see many of those stores around due to the big monopolies of the large supermarket chains. I’m happy to announce that a different kind of ‘four’ store, the […]


Instant Film News, 110 Camera Reviews etc

My thanks to Nic Nichols and his excellent blog Four Corners Dark from where I gleaned much of this information. I’ve been a bit crook with the flu so having an informative resource like Four Corners Dark to read whilst locked away (to prevent me inflicting my bugs on anyone else) feeling muzzy headed is […]


Blended Holga Views of New York

Y ears ago I achieved some unintentional overlapped Black & White shots with my Holga camera the first time I took it out, due to my failing to set the number of exposures correctly at the film counter window. This is quite a common ‘mistake’ for first time users of cameras with alternative frame mask […]