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SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera

Plastic, Plastic, a little bit of digital…

Well, my entries here have been sparse lately, as I have been caught up doing lots of other fun stuff which I will talk about over the course of the next few posts. I have been taking lots of photos with the blackbird,fly as well as capturing my photographic excursions on good old fashioned 8mm […]

Home made mask for scanning sprockets in Canoscan 8400f

Scanning for Sprockets

So you’ve got yourself a new BBF, or you’ve loaded 35mm into your Medium Format Toy Camera after I showed you how (or not, *heh*) or you may have bought a 35mm back for your Diana + camera or for your Holga. You have finished your first roll of film that you opted (in the […]

35mm Back for the Diana +

I received my last order from the Lomographic Society on Friday; a 35mm back for the Diana + cameras, with most of the English instructions missing due to a misprint. I had also ordered a Diana + Edelweiss edition that was broken (lens assembly completely detached from the body, dangling by the wires for the […]

Girl with a Blackbird,fly camera

360 photos

My mission is to try and shoot 360 photos in 14 days (well the little piece of paper said 7 days, but I let them know that I couldn’t possibly manage that in between family commitments and other essential things like going to work, sleeping and eating) I have already taken two rolls worth of […]

Yet another BBF post

Sorry to keep banging on about the BBF blackbird,fly but according to Woopra (which I now have up and running thanks to my friend Philip putting the idea in my head to use it) the majority of visits to the words part of this site lately have arrived here because of referrals or searches regarding […]


To those who were asking about the BBF and where they may get it outside of Japan. I’m sorry for both the delay in answering your questions and for other things, which I take full responsibility for and will come to in due course. I have returned to work after a nice break, so my […]


Blackbird, Fly

Powershovel, the forward thinking Japanese company that involved a few lucky photographers (including yours truly) around the world in a photographic collaboration using the Holga 135BC (as mentioned in previous posts) has kindly invited me to trial a new toy camera they have in development, a plastic 35mm Twin Lens Reflex called the Blackbird, Fly. […]

2a-5a 35mm film in a Diana

The 35mm Diana + Result

Well, I have had my first roll developed from the 35mm film in the Diana + experiment and have learned a couple of things:  1. I needed to wind on a little more than I first thought for at least the first half of the roll, perhaps one & 1/4 turns of the winder rather […]

35mm Film In Your Toy Camera

Here is a fairly straight forward tutorial video showing how to simply adapt a toy camera (a Diana + in this case) that usually takes 120 (medium format) film to take 35mm film. Even though I’m using 35mm in my Diana + here, this should be achievable in just about any medium format toy camera […]

Holga 135 BC

It sounds like a B grade epic theatre type movie about old testament life, but the 135 BC is a new Holga camera that takes 35mm film. The bc stands for (I think) bent corners which refers to the vignetting you get on your photos, probably produced from the curved corners mask inside the camera […]