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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Today!

If the date in your timezone is the 28th day of April, then it’s WPPD. Get your pinhole camera(s) loaded with film (if you haven’t already) and make some pinhole photographs! It’s HIP, it’s FUN and you will LOVE the photographs made! Once developed/appreciated/printed/scanned you can upload your best here:

World Pinhole Day

Yesterday I received this in my inbox, many of my readers may have as well, but for those that haven’t: Dear Pinhole Photography Fan, The global celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is Sunday, April 29, 2012.Join thousands of photography enthusiasts from around the world to experience the creative joy of photography without a lens. […]

BBF under the ‘Big Sticks’

It is completely inexcusable of course, but I haven’t had a chance to do anything much except fulfil work & family responsibilities lately, so my apologies for any lack of content here. I hope everyone has had a very safe & happy festive season and wish you all a incredible New Year! Here is a […]



A photographic exhibition by the friends of Jeff Moorfoot One hundred photographers show their appreciation for the hard work done by the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Director, donating some of their finest work to be sold on his behalf. A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase works by these artists at a very modest […]

Empire Junior - Simple Medium Format Camera

Susan B

In many ways this blog owes a lot to a nice person named Susan Burnstine, who takes dreamy etherial photography with her homemade cameras and has a great site outafocus as well as her professional photography site. In 2005 I got hold of one of her cameras, a little gem of a thing with the […]