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365 Photos Some More

Here are some photos for my 365 photos project-thang… I have actually been taking an image a day, just haven’t updated them here, slacker that I am. The images below have been made with expired “Ultraviolet ID” Instant Pack Film in my Polaroid 600SE Camera and tinted in post processing. I will attempt to retrospectively […]

More 365

Day 10 – Mr Sooty on the grass. The second-last pack of SX-70 Instant film is now finished, with only about 60% of the images being viable. The other 40% did produce images, but they were either too dark, or the area of non-viable chemicals (the ‘brown’ areas) where the image didn’t develop was too […]

More 365 Photos

365 things

Happly New Year good readers! Why anyone would even bother visiting this poorly updated blog recently is a mystery but for any who still are, thanks and I hope 2014 will be a wonderful year for you. All things considered, for yours truly 2013 was a good year. I am still fortunate enough to be […]

Tales From The Event Horizon

TALES FROM THE EVENT HORIZON (VI) Into the Vortex! ~ It begins! Having skimmed over the surface of the event horizon we slip lower into the whirlpool of energy that will take us through the horizon and towards the singularity… *Note: ‘The Event Horizon’ series of images came from some expired packs of SX-70 film […]

Recording Obsolescence

Do you have obsolescent or semi-obsolescent stuff around? I bet you do. Here I was just having a bit of fun visually recording some audio recording of some obsolescent or semi-obsolescent technology for’s latest community recording project ‘Exploring Obsolescence’ No micro-cassettes were harmed in the making of this video, but I’m afraid some circuitry […]

Skorj in the City

Mark Skorj on the Minjonju Show

I have been fortunate to know him for many years through our mutual love of toy cameras, but he is also a great Polaroid photographer. We mainly interact online from time to time but I remember one memorable day we wandered around Melbourne (with another friend Mike) taking photographs of anything that grabbed our interest […]

Photographer Alex Syndikas at BIFB09 - taken with expired 600 integral film on a Polaroid 680 SLR SE

Polaroid to make Instant Cameras again! (& World Toy Camera Day Coming Up!)

Less than a month after the last of the Polaroid Integral Instant film cartridges passed their use by date wonderful news has been released by those luminous people at The Impossible Project. The Impossible Project who have been working tirelessly to keep the beloved instant film alive released an update stating that the Polaroid licensee […]

Pears WPPD 09

Pinhole Day and a Quick 1st impression of Harinezumi

This years Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (last Sunday) was less than optimal (for me) for a lot of reasons. The weather was shocking, we had power failures, my computer froze when the power finally came back on and I was suffering from the jet-lag feeling that comes from just finishing night shift and having to […]


Instant Film News, 110 Camera Reviews etc

My thanks to Nic Nichols and his excellent blog Four Corners Dark from where I gleaned much of this information. I’ve been a bit crook with the flu so having an informative resource like Four Corners Dark to read whilst locked away (to prevent me inflicting my bugs on anyone else) feeling muzzy headed is […]